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Aliciouslife: Forrest Yoga

Until my good friend Chicagogirl took me to my first yoga lesson, I had been ambivalent in regard to …well, what was that yoga anyways? Sitting still, breathing, making strange poses, incense sticks and esoteric chatter – neither of this sounded at all appealing to me. This, however, pretty much sums up my understanding in the time BY (before yoga). Continue reading Aliciouslife: Forrest Yoga

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Aliciouslife: Blogilates

As with having my go at vegan, I was also rather very late to discover Blogilates but since mens sana in corpore sano, I figured only cutting out food I thought wasn’t good for me was only half the deal and started the Beginner’s Calendar last February, which Blogilates inventor/ brainiac/ wonderwoman Cassey Ho provides for free on her website. Continue reading Aliciouslife: Blogilates

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