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Aliciouslyvegan: Carrot-cake with a hint of Nespresso


I love carrot cake more than any other cake. Our relationship started in 2003 during my first visit to New Zealand. Perfectly moist carrot cakes – usually with delicious lemon icing – were everywhere: in cafés, rest stops and excursion boats. While my first bite may have been timid, my second was surely greedy. Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Carrot-cake with a hint of Nespresso

Aliciouslyvegan: Green smoothie

Green smoothies have been around on blogs, facebook, Instagram and magazines for a couple of months. However, I was of the opinion that one shouldn’t mix fruit and vegetables and therefore had only been making all different kinds of fruit smoothies.

On one occasion adding carrot. On another ginger. Then cucumber. Then spinach.

Hey! Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Green smoothie