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Aliciouslife: My balcony garden – 2016 update

During the hot and dry summer of 2015 my balcony garden had ample time to thrive and throw off fruit. While last year I couldn’t wait to get going and planted the first seeds as soon as February, I wasn’t quite as eager lazy this year and only started playing around in mid-March.

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Alicioustravels: Salt and the City 2015

Last weekend I attended my first-ever blogger event – Salt and the City 2015 organised by the fantastic ladies-only crew of Sonja (Ginger in the Basement), Caro (Ach du gute Güte), Claudia (Geschmeidige Köstlichkeiten), Sabina (Sinneswunder) und Minnie (Minnies Welt) along with other volunteers.

Given I did not know what to expect I was slightly tremendously nervous as I boarded the train to Salzburg. However, even before I got off the train I had already met two lovely bloggers who were also going to attend SATC2015 – hi Corinna and Viktoria 🙂 Continue reading Alicioustravels: Salt and the City 2015

Aliciouslife: My birthday weekend

Last Friday was my birthday and I basically spent the whole weekend celebrating it (which explains why there was no Sunday post last week). In fact, I have yet to meet some of my closest friends so the partying will continue until at least Easter (by which time we’ll already be preparing for Mr A’s birthday). Continue reading Aliciouslife: My birthday weekend

Aliciouslyvegan: Wild Garlic

Along with the first flowers telling us that winter is over and, yes, spring is finally here, fresh leaves of wild garlic have been featuring on Instagram for the last week. For a lover of all things garlic like myself this meant that wild garlic had to be found and harvested asap. Because I’m a nice person (yes, that’s fishing for compliments here) I’ll tell you my favourite spots to find it. Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Wild Garlic