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Aliciouslyvegan: Raspberry chia pudding

While my Instagram feed was full of bloggers posting their latest chia-creation, raving about how delicious they were, I would hesitantly make chia gel to stir into my muesli or put in my smoothie. It didn’t at all excite me though. Only recently did I come across a recipe that caught my attention because it sounded a little different and like it might actually work for me. After a few minor adjustments, it did and I’m very much in love. Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Raspberry chia pudding

Aliciouslyvegan: Bliss balls

With the onset of veganism as a more common concept of life over the last couple of years, raw recipes have also made their way into the everyday kitchen. My everyday kitchen at least.

By today, I’m not at all convinced why I should forgo a hot cup of soup, tea or – heaven forbid – coffee, but a year ago I couldn’t imagine myself choosing not to consume anything derived from animals either.

Something I saw on a multitude of blogs were bliss balls Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Bliss balls