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Aliciousstyle: Addicted to nail polish

When dressing for work, I tend to err on the conservative side. When I feel crazy, I will omit a blazer/ full suit for nice pants/ a pencil skirt and a – sometimes even colourful – cardigan every now and then (especially in summer when my chance of client contact is zero).

However, I’m not one of those fashionable women that are able to create stylish outfits from a minimal wardrobe without any (visible) effort. I also haven’t been brave enough to own the bright lippie (mind you, I do own several, but don’t actually wear them that often and definitely not to work).

That’s not to say that I don’t do colours though. I do. On my nails. There, I will wear any shade that strikes my current fancy. Continue reading Aliciousstyle: Addicted to nail polish