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Aliciouswedding: Our quick yet wonderful “honeydays”

We were fully aware that we would be in serious need of recovery after our wedding. The weeks leading up to this very special event had been strenuous and even the day before it was after 8 pm when I ate for the first time since breakfast – because there simply hadn’t been time for it earlier.

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Alicioustravels: A long weekend of hiking at Gesäuse

For his birthday Mr A had received a voucher for a night at a small B&B in the Gesäuse region, a national park in Styria. My Dad has stayed at the B&B numerous times and had asked the owners if they were willing to provide us with food during our stay. They agreed asking we call them a few days in advance so I could discuss my special request with the chef.

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Aliciouswedding: My bridal shower

Some time after Christmas my maid of honour had enquired whether I would be ok with her arranging some sort of bridal shower. Hating the hordes of drunk brides-to-be who regularly roam Vienna with their trays encroaching on strangers to selling them Jägermeister while having to complete “funny” challenges such as shaving a man’s leg I reluctantly agreed, dearly hoping that day wasn’t going to be hell.

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