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Alicioustravels: Achensee

Mr A and myself had been contemplating a hiking trip in early summer for a while but only now did we decide to actually book it. While initially Alto Adige or Lake Garda in Italy together with the area around Bled in Slovenia were our favoured destinations, we eventually decided on a place much closer – and in Austria. Continue reading Alicioustravels: Achensee

Alicioustravels: 7 travel-related books I didn’t enjoy nearly as much as they were hyped

Yes, I love reading. Especially about travel (and food, of course). Even when I don’t immediately get immersed in the story of a book I will usually keep reading: To find out if it gets better and sometimes simply to finish it (I’ve come so far, I may as well).

At times I will be completely captivated a few pages on. At other times, upon finishing the book, I will wonder what all those people praising it had found in it that I couldn’t.

Or if they ever read it at all. Continue reading Alicioustravels: 7 travel-related books I didn’t enjoy nearly as much as they were hyped

Alicioustravels: My 10 favourite travel books

As you may have noticed, I love reading. I have since I was a child and will still prefer a night with a book on the couch to a night out. The following books have seriously inspired my wanderlust, (almost) made me want to go to certain places and kept me day dreaming. Continue reading Alicioustravels: My 10 favourite travel books

Alicioustravels: Australia

Before I decided to move to Australia for a year in 2007, I travelled the country quite extensively. I wanted to know the place and its people and get a feeling for it before committing to spending what initially looked like an indefinite amount of time there. Over the course of 3 months I travelled from coast to coast, up and down and right through the centre. I also visited my relatives in Tasmania for the first time (hi there, Mel!).

My route was as follows: Continue reading Alicioustravels: Australia

Alicioustravels: Tauplitz

Every year we will at least once find ourselves at Salzkammergut, a beautiful area of lakes surrounded by mountains (think: Sound of Music) close to Salzburg.

This year, we went skiing in Gosau in late March which was fantastic. The snow was great, the weather awesome and there were hardly any other people on the pistes.

Since autumn has proven to be rather mild again this year, we decided to have a last shot at hiking before the winter starts and as we had never been hiking in or around Tauplitz, Tauplitz it was. Continue reading Alicioustravels: Tauplitz

Alicioustravels: Tongariro Winter Crossing

The Tongariro Crossing had been in my head since we contemplated travelling to New Zealand. I completed what’s allegedly “New Zealand’s finest day walk” on my first trip in 2003 and was mesmerized by the surreal landscape. You walk between two – sometimes more, sometimes less – active volcanoes, pass beautiful lakes, almost accompanied by the smell of sulphur. Continue reading Alicioustravels: Tongariro Winter Crossing