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Aliciouslyvegan: Our Christmas Eve dinner

With advent being my favourite time of the year (despite all of its glory happening in the cold season – on this hemisphere at least) I always get excited by the prospect of Christmas. In Austria, Christmas is traditionally celebrated on Christmas Eve when the family gathers around a tree before sharing a special meal. Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Our Christmas Eve dinner

Alicioustravels: Off to New York

While you are reading this, Mum and I are on our way across the Atlantic, if we haven’t already touched down at NYC’s JFK airport.
It’s the first holiday with Mum – except for that oh-so-relaxing spa weekend at Die Wasnerin last spring – since 2005 and we’ve both really looked forward to spending a whole 10 days together. Continue reading Alicioustravels: Off to New York

Aliciouslyvegan: Rum balls

For those of you who still need a very-last-minute present for that colleague at work or special auntie of theirs – here is one of my go-to recipes: rum balls that look like fancy chocolates.

It’s fuss-free, relatively quick and you will likely have all ingredients at home already. Believe me when I say that you will have a hard time messing it up.

Also, it contains alcohol. Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Rum balls