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Alicioustravels: It doesn’t matter whether they’re yellow or blue

The very relaxed drive towards Oamaru led us through Omarama (which led me to add “rama lama ding dong” each time someone mentioned the place – hilarious, I know) and past Maori rock paintings before we arrived at beautiful Old Bones Lodge, where we were welcomed by the lovely owners and their dog that did look a lot like a sheep. Continue reading Alicioustravels: It doesn’t matter whether they’re yellow or blue

Alicioustravels: New Zealand – First impressions

Incredibly but true, what seemed like a neverending journey from Vienna, Austria, to Christchurch, New Zealand finally came to an end after just over 29 hours of travelling.

Despite our arduous trip we weren’t too tired. None of the flights had been extra-long (the lengthiest leg being Bangkok – Sydney), we’d chosen our seats wisely and had always had good (and mostly unobtrusive) company – from Sydney to Christchurch we’d been literally surrounded by the team of Canterbury Crusaders (one of New Zealand’s rugby teams). Continue reading Alicioustravels: New Zealand – First impressions

Alicioustravels: Preparations

We had discussed our holiday for a good year. First with each other, then with our bosses, who generously agreed to our 5-weeks-leave.

On 24 December we received confirmation of our flight tickets.

For the last month and a half we’d had a time tracker on the white board next to the front door of our apartment. We were feeling like children on the days before Christmas. Continue reading Alicioustravels: Preparations