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Aliciouslyvegan: Continuing my journey

For the better part of 2014 I have strictly followed a plant-based diet. Only recently did I come across an article of someone claiming that for whatever reason you became vegan in the first place, those who stick to it will increasingly see the political dimension. At first I thought “not me”, but when thinking about it I realized how spot-on he was. Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Continuing my journey

Aliciouslyvegan: Apple cake

The other day, mum surprised me with an awfully delicious apple cake (“I made one you can eat as well” – that’s maternal love right there). Based on a recipe she found on, she modelled around a bit, then she forwarded me the original recipe including her comments and I “improved” it a little more. Not that it actually needed improving but I will rarely ever use a recipe 1:1. This is what I ended up with Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Apple cake

Aliciouslyvegan: Kochabo

I love getting mail and especially love getting parcels. It’s the Christmas-feeling I get every time I get to unwrap something, whereas it’s completely irrelevant whether I know what’s inside or don’t.

For a while I’d been meaning to try Kochabo, where you’re supplied with a box containing food & recipies for the number of persons and amount of meals you chose in your online order. Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Kochabo

Aliciouslyvegan: Pumpkin soup

One of the best things about autumn is definitely pumpkin – among chestnuts and the colours, oh the colours, of course.

All through summer I successfully ignored pumpkins from all over the world that seemed to be calling out for me from supermarket shelves. However, if the pumpkin isn’t Austrian, it’s not yet autumn, therefore not yet pumpkin time. I do my best to buy fruit and veggies when they are in season and have not been shipped halfway across the globe (exceptions occur, especially with tropical fruit that simply don’t grow here, such as avocados, mangos).

Fortunately, since we returned from New Zealand in early September there have already been ample opportunities to track down the odd butternut or hokkaido Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Pumpkin soup

Aliciouslyvegan: In good company

Bill Clinton | Carrie Underwood | Ellen deGeneres | Portia de Rossi | Natalie Portman | Mike Tyson | Carl Lewis | Morrissey | Al Gore | Alicia Silverstone | Joaquin Phoenix | Woody Harrelson | Usher | Alanis Morrssette | Thom Yorke | Russel Brand | Pamela Anderson | Bryan Adams | Prince | Brad Pitt | Alec Baldwin | Fiona Apple | Linda Blair | James Cameron | Jessica Chastain | Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: In good company

Aliciouslyvegan: Breakfast at Augustin

The other Sunday, which was a SUNday indeed, Mr A and I revisited one of our favourite breakfast haunts in Vienna: Augustin.

From outside, it looks dark and unwelcoming and certainly not like a place I would voluntarily visit, even though they recently painted the door what I can only describe as “Augustin-mint”.

From the inside, however, it is absolutely lovely: upholstered chairs, an antique-y bar setting, dark wooden panelling, chandeliers and – for summer – a perfectly gorgeous courtyard. Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Breakfast at Augustin