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Aliciouswedding: The day of

There wasn’t exactly a big choice of hotels in the vicinity of where we were going to get married. Three hotels qualified in theory with two of them quickly disqualifying (one for their terribly unfriendly owner, one for looking a bit out-of-date). So we ended up booking a room in a business hotel. At least they told me there was going to be food for me at breakfast.

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Aliciouswedding: My bridal shower

Some time after Christmas my maid of honour had enquired whether I would be ok with her arranging some sort of bridal shower. Hating the hordes of drunk brides-to-be who regularly roam Vienna with their trays encroaching on strangers to selling them Jägermeister while having to complete “funny” challenges such as shaving a man’s leg I reluctantly agreed, dearly hoping that day wasn’t going to be hell.

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Aliciouslife: A busy June for bloggers in Vienna

As many of you will have seen on Snapchat, June 2016 has definitely been my busiest – and most successful – month as a blogger so far. I still haven’t earned a single cent with it but since I’m not “doing it for the money” that’s generally not how I measure my success. Continue reading Aliciouslife: A busy June for bloggers in Vienna

Aliciouslife: My balcony garden – 2016 update

During the hot and dry summer of 2015 my balcony garden had ample time to thrive and throw off fruit. While last year I couldn’t wait to get going and planted the first seeds as soon as February, I wasn’t quite as eager lazy this year and only started playing around in mid-March.

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Aliciouswedding: Let’s talk about the food, baby

Long after your wedding guest will have forgotten about the music you spent sleepless nights picking, the meticulous balance of colours in your decorations and how your papeterie – from save the date- to thank you-cards fit together – they will still remember one thing about your wedding: the food. Continue reading Aliciouswedding: Let’s talk about the food, baby