Brautkästchen - mugs & confetti popper

Aliciouswedding: Brautkästchen

A few months ago I came across Brautkästchen, a box filled with cute things every bride will love. (“Brautkästchen” translates to “Little bridal box”) Fond of all things that come in boxes – and in the mail – and are pretty, I was immediately hooked and read up all about it.

You can order it once or get a subscription for 6 or 12 months, depending how far off your wedding still is. It looked like a lovely idea to treat yourself to a little something once a month.

At LoveCircus Bash in Munich I finally got to meet Jenny, the charming person behind Brautbox, and we had a wonderful chat about how she aims to source products for her box from as-local-as-possible providers. An idea I clearly support. Needless to say, I had to treat myself with one of her boxes and she agreed to keep me in the loop when her boxes would also be shipped to Austria.

In February I finally received that email and immediately ordered a 6-months subscription.


Yesterday was the day and my first Brautkästchen box arrived. I’d avoided all posts on Instagram and Facebook so I wouldn’t know what was inside until I got to open it myself.

Slowly I opened the lid…Brautkästchen

Then let out a stifled cry of joyBrautkästchen - mugs & confetti popper

Aren’t they gorgeous???Brautkästchen - mugs

Even Mr A had to smile and is clearly going to drink his morning cup of tea from his “proud groom” mug.

So, the box came with those mugs, a confetti popper from glücksschauer, a leaflet with useful notes on weddings from wedding planners, bloggers and the likes and a handwritten card.

I can’t wait for my next box to arrive in April.

If I’ve been able to whet your appetite for Brautkästchen you can use the discount code ALICIOUS to receive a EUR 5 discount off your order until 15 May 2016.

Have fun!

*** A big thanks to Brautkästchen for making the discount available to both my readers and myself ***

4 thoughts on “Aliciouswedding: Brautkästchen”

    1. Yes, there are boxes for everything and everyone now and I’m so glad I found Brautkästchen <3 You can order the mugs separately (i.e. without a box) now! Just have a look on the website.

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