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Even when we travel short distances and with our car, I rarely bring full sizes. It’s actually a way of getting into travel-mode for me to refill shower gel, shampoo and other essentials into small – hopefully leak-proof – containers. Only when we visit warm locations will I bring a full-sized bottle of sunscreen(wrapped in a plastic bag because I’ve learned).

Whenever I travel, my worn and trusted, sunflower-yellow Jack Wolfskin toiletry bag will always contain the following (I’ve linked to products I’m currently using).


Toothpaste, face wash and floss holidaying with us in Portugal
Toothpaste, face wash and floss holidaying with us in Portugal

Because I like to spoil myself, depending of the length of the trip and the importance to keep my overall pack weight down, I will usually also pack one of more of the following

Luxury items

Go & Home foot cream , Lavera hand cream and ear plugs

In a separate bag I usually bring (at least) the following


  • Ibuprofen/ aspirin
  • China balm
  • Motion sickness tablets
  • Disinfectant
  • Tweezers, small scissors
  • Paracetamol
  • Band aids in different sizes
  • Tape
  • Personal medication
  • Contraceptives

Please note that different people have different needs – especially regarding medication. For example, I will always carry my emergency asthma spray with me, hoping it will expire before I’ll actually need it.

In general I won’t bring too many meds because you can stock up on pretty much anything pretty much wherever you go. Thus said, we have paracetamol from at least 3 different countries at home because this apparently is something I tend to forget (despite having it on my packing list).

Regarding my toiletry bag: The one I have is great because it has a hook and I can hang it up. However, it doesn’t pack up as nicely as I would like it to. Mr A’s is a classic men’s bag: black with one big compartment and a small zipped compartment on the outside. I’m not sure if I didn’t actually prefer that was I to buy a new one. As long as my current one will last, there is no way I’m going to replace it though. We share too many stories.

What are your toiletries you can’t live without? What did I miss?

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  1. I remember that toiletry bag!!! It was hanging on our bathroom doors in Damascus, Aleppo, Deir az Zur, Latakia, Hama…. I wish we were able to go there again.

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