Alicioustravels: Off to Istanbul!

While you’re reading this, Mr A and myself will have arrived at Istanbul, hopefully have been able to get to our room at the hotel and may already be out and about exploring the city.

Sharing a Lonely Planetas well as a German guidebook between the two of us we did quite a bit of reading in advance so we know what we’ll be looking at once we stand in front of it.

Also, I quickly decided to travel carry-on only. If anything interesting comes out of this, I’ll be happy to share.

We realise that four days can only give us a little glimpse of the many wonders Istanbul has to offer. However, we are going to make the best of our time and have even made a rough plan of places we don’t want to miss.

This is how it goes:

  • Sunday afternoon – Topkapi palace
  • Monday – stroll around Galata in the morning, taking a boat to the  Asian side, visiting Kadiköy in the afternoon
  • Tuesday – visiting Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque
  • Wednesday – Sülemaniye mosque followed by the Grand Bazaar

Wednesday evening we’re already returning to Vienna, possibly with a whole lot of photos on our respective SD cards and definitely with wonderful memories in our minds.

Does our schedule sound overly ambitious? Are we missing out on something we really should include? Let me know in the comments below or – better even – via Facebook or Instagram!


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