Alicioustravels: Off to New York

While you are reading this, Mum and I are on our way across the Atlantic, if we haven’t already touched down at NYC’s JFK airport.
It’s the first holiday with Mum – except for that oh-so-relaxing spa weekend at Die Wasnerin last spring – since 2005 and we’ve both really looked forward to spending a whole 10 days together.

Mum has never been to the US and is much excited about what is going to await her.

For the first week of our travels I booked us an apartment through Airbnb (my first experience) and our host is even vegan! Then we are travelling to Boston for two days before returning to New York, spending  our last night at a beautiful hotel in Manhattan called Cambria Hotel & Suites.

Mum hasn’t been very decisive in the things she wants to see and experience so I just put together a schedule that will allow her to see the – in my opinion – best things about New York.

The only place she said she really wanted to go to:

The crown of the Statue of Liberty.

For this, I booked tickets months ago – when all weekends of 2016, all public holidays and a lot of “normal” days were already booked! I wasn’t aware that this particular sight was so popular – especially given that during my previous visits to New York I had never felt the urge to go there.

Let’s hope the weather is in our favour – especially when crossing  Brooklyn Bridge and on the ferry ride to Ellis Island!


Do you have any last minute advice for us? Any must-see, must-eat-at, must-have-a-cocktail places we shouldn’t miss out on?

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