Alicioustravels: My travel plans for 2015

It’s late April now and finally our travel plans for 2015 are coming together:

  • In late May we are spending four days in Istanbul.
  • In September we are looking into 2 weeks in Portugal (Lisbon, then driving down the coast-ish)
  • In December I will take my then-retired Mum to New York and Boston to celebrate.

On top of that we are contemplating a few more spontaneous getaways to Salzkammergut, Alto Adige or Lake Garda in June/ July (whenever the weather seems stable enough for hiking) and are already looking forward to the road trip getting there and back as well as the time we’ll spend at the actual destination.

Lago di Garda via ferrata
Via ferrata above Lago di Garda

This year it seems as if my urge to travel was even stronger than at other times. Maybe New Zealand has left its marks, maybe I’ve been reading too many travel blogs lately or maybe it’s just time I leave for an extended amount of time again? It’s not as if I was short on destinations and even the go-to list Mr A and myself are sharing is constantly getting longer.

We’ll see what comes out of it and in the meantime I’ll keep you posted on my progress and the places I’m actually going to.

What are your travel plans for 2015?

5 thoughts on “Alicioustravels: My travel plans for 2015”

    1. I’m afraid not, Chicago didn’t make the list for 2015. However, there will be 2016 and in 2016 there will hopefully be Chicago again 🙂

  1. Lovely plans, Alice! Sounds like a wonderful year!
    We are in Barcelona for a few days in June. Our flight lands back in Vienna on the 3rd of june. My boyfriend and I have booked a hotel room in Vienna for the night and we will be going to the Veganmania the next day, 4th of june. If you have time and if you’re still interested, we could totally meet up there and stroll through the event together (if you don’t mind the company of my boyfriend) 🙂

    1. Hi Bianca, sorry it took me so long to reply. 4 June is Fronleichnam, isn’t it? So far we don’t have anything planned that would take us out of town – and if we’re here I’d love to catch up over a vegan something (if your significant other doesn’t mind my company 😉 ). Looking forward to Veganmania even more now 🙂

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