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Alicioustravels: Colombia

Yep, Colombia. South America.

That particular friend of mine who so far has been the reason for my biennial visits to Chicago has now decided to get married.

In Colombia. The fact that her husband-to-be is Colombian makes their decision a lot clearer, also the fact that getting married in the US – especially in a big city – is pretty darn expensive.

Therefore: Colombia.

Colombia South America Caribbean Coast Tayrona National Park
Tayrona National Park

More exactly: Cartagena.

From the moment she mentioned the mere possibility of getting married there, I had a sincere interest of travelling there to celebrate this special day with her. My excitement hasn’t abated. Quite to the contrary: Flights have been booked and I’m currently looking into my options accomodation-wise. I’ve also contacted a dive-company because I really want to get back into scuba diving and have borrowed my parents’ guidebook to find out where on the Caribbean coast I would like to spend my time.

Colombia Tayrona National Park hiking jungle
My Dad hiking in Tayrona National Park

Tough decisions ahead!

Apparently the diving off Santa Marta is great, so is the multi-day treck to Ciudad Perdida AND there is the possibility of flamingos further east from there.

Colombia coast Tayrona National Park jungle
Caribbean coast

That, and I should probably brush up my Spanish.

Have you been to the Carribean coast of Colombia? What was your favourite experience there? Anything I must not miss?


A big thank you to my Dad for providing me with photos for this post!


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