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Last Tuesday I was invited to my first press event – the presentation of the new products and design by Austrian vegan brand Vegavita. This was especially wonderful as I’ve been buying and loving their tofu, hummus and other spreads since I became vegan just over a year ago and had of course noticed their recent rebranding along with the appearance of a plethora of new products on the shelves of my most frequented supermarkets.

The event came with a short presentation of their products – and the promise that there will also be ice cream (which we even got to try – yummy!) as well as an assortment of cheeses soon – followed by a delicious 5-course-dinner of Vegavita products prepared by the wonderful Parvin Razavi of thx4cooking.

Parvin Rezavi cooking up a vegan storm. (Also, can I please have this kitchen?)
Parvin Rezavi cooking up a vegan storm. (Also, can I please have this kitchen?)

I love how eating vegan is slowly not only becoming generally accepted but almost mainstream. It’s not that big of a deal anymore to not consume animal products and with the wide range of Vegavita products available in regular supermarkets you don’t have to visit special stores anymore when you crave more than regular hummus or plain tofu.

Vegavita’s ad campaign is very colourful and tongue-in-cheek, with farm animals promoting the slogan #heutemalvegan (which roughly translates to “have a vegan day today”). On their website you can even resuscitate pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, ducks and goats.

However, my favourite of their whole campaign (besides – obviously – the food) is their theme song which you can listen to below:

Here are some more impressions from the dinner:

Table decoration – can you spot the veggies amidst the flowers?
Table decoration – again, flowers and veggies side by side
Backside of the menu – how awesome is the photobombing chicken?
Lentil and pumpkin spread – already favourites of mine
I love goodie bags – especially when they contain ONLY things I will eat or use. And pigs. Pigs are awesome


Have you spotted the new product range in your supermarket already? What do you think of it?


Photo credit for featured image: Vegavita

2 thoughts on “Aliciouslyvegan: Vegavita”

    I’m so jealous! It looks awesome! I love VegaVita and have been using their products for years. As soon as I’ve seen the ad for their vegan ice cream I immediately ran to the next Billa only to see that they wouldn’t have them yet. Yesterday I was at Merkur again wanting to buy it but still… no ice cream. It’s just not fair! I want it nooooow. Especially the Pistachio-Coconut Ice cream!! Have I understood that correctly that they will introduce vegan cheeses into their assortment? The goodie bag looks great! I bet it was a fun evening 🙂

    1. I know, I was really lucky. It was 100% a matter of speaking to the right person and the right time. Vegavita totally rocks!

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