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“And what are you going to eat?!”, was definitely one of the questions I heard the most pre-departure (along with “And what did you eat?!” post-arrival). Since I switched to a plant-based diet earlier this year, people have been afraid I might not get enough to eat and waste away. More than that, many people cannot imagine how eating only plants and mushrooms can fill someone up – especially a good eater like myself.

Mr A and I had decided that I would do the cooking most days, unless I came across a place serving vegan food that I would like to try, and that’s what we ended up doing. (For those of you who will see my holiday tarnished by kitchen duties I want to state that not only do I enjoy cooking but Mr A also volunteered to do the laundry for the duration of our holiday.)

But, what did we end up eating, given everything had to be prepared in a hostel kitchen?

Breakfast consisted of the usual fare of muesli and fruit, sometimes a scone or muffin for Mr A and we usually brought our own lunch of sandwiches and fruit with the odd chocolate or trail bar along with nuts to keep us going.

Dinner would look like this:

  • Pumpkin mushroom risotto
  • Veggie platter (sautéed mushrooms, sliced beetroot, boiled sweet potatoes, sautéed kale, beans and corn in tomato sauce, chick peas, brussel sprouts)
  • A Mexican feast (tortillas, beans, corn, avocado, tomatoes, coriander, black olives)
  • Pasta with sauce, pimped with veggies (zucchini, olives, tomatoes)
  • Bread with hummus, veg spread, avocado, tomatoes, sliced beetroot
  • 2-minute-noodles (I admit, there wasn’t much cooking involved)
  • Coconut-based veggie soup
  • Veggie soup with udon noodles
  • A big bowl of salad with everything
  • Puff pastry pockets filled with sautéed mushrooms and spinach, with tomato sauce and a salad
  • Chili sin carne

We had all dishes multiple times, the rest of the time we went out (LINK to Aliciouslyvegan: New Zealand) – or had had an ample lunch that didn’t require dinner. Or we stuffed ourselves on potato crisps, muesli/ cereals and trail food.

None was especially tricky to prepare or took much longer than 30 minutes and Mr A convincingly claimed that each one was delicious.

Which was all that mattered 🙂

Dinner at Lake Tekapo Motueka tortilla dinner

Mt Cook pasta dinner Oamaru coconut soup

Oamaru tortilla dinner Veg udon soup

Veggies galore

Pumpkin mushroom risotto

The perfect sandwich - dark bread with hummus, beet root, tomato, avocado, mustard

Veg soup

Puff pastry parcels Chili sin carne

Veg udon soup

A plate full of love...and veggies

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