Aliciouslyvegan: On board

My first experience with VGML (strict vegetarian meal) on my BA-flight to Chicago had been marvellous so I was positively excited about how my food on the EK-flights to and from New Zealand was going to be.

One of many great things about requesting a special meal, other than it not costing any extra on most major carriers, is that you receive your food first. Like children 😉

The downside: EK-personnel was so extremely slow in their service (on all flights, without exception) that I had already finished eating when Mr A received his meal and had to sit with my tray down for well over an hour each time.

The meals were everything from good to very good, and though plentiful not always very filling. Or they filled me up but not for a long enough time. Therefore, I had packed myself some extra treats: energy bars, trail mix, cut up fruit, chocolate and our way back I added some treats from Revel! bakery and The unBakery

Anyways, enough words, here are the pictures:


dinner VIE-DXB

lunch DXB-BKK

lunch SYD-CHC

…and back

dinner AKL-BNE

Gin & ginger beerExtra provisions for the journey

Breakfast BNE - DXB

Lunch DXB - VIE

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