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I love getting mail and especially love getting parcels. It’s the Christmas-feeling I get every time I get to unwrap something, whereas it’s completely irrelevant whether I know what’s inside or don’t.

For a while I’d been meaning to try Kochabo, where you’re supplied with a box containing food & recipies for the number of persons and amount of meals you chose in your online order.

Only recently had I noticed they offer a vegan box as well which made me all the more curious. Just over a week ago I placed an order and immediately afterwards had my first – 100% positive – encounter with their live support (I’d chosen the wrong arrival date, they fixed it within seconds).

The day after we arrived back from Tauplitz our box arrived within the given time slot (between 5 and 10pm, then reduced to sometime between 7 and 9pm on the day of delivery).

Kochabo box

So much food!

Kochabo contents

Last week’s meals were: cauliflower dal with dried apricots, gnocchi verdure and udon noodles with vegetables and peanuts.

Cauliflower dal

Udon noodles with Asian veg & peanuts

Gnocchi verdure

We cooked all three meals in the suggested order and observed the following:

  • All recipies were extremely easy to follow. It wasn’t Jamie Oliver where you need to set up a project plan before you can so much as cut the veggies, but straightforward: you need so much of this, then you do that and voila, there’s your dinner ready and steaming.
  • Therefore, it’s ideal for persons that don’t know much about cooking and want to learn or just like to prepare a simple meal every now and then.
  • Also, the amount of everything was very well measured. All that was left over were half a cauliflower (which I froze), some chili and herbs and half an onion. Everything else we used.
  • The meals were filling and delicious. My favourite were the udon noodles (so spicy), the dal was easily enough for four so I shared leftovers with a friend at work the next day.
  • The only additional things we needed were salt, pepper, oil, olive oil and sugar or maple syrup.
  • Each meal took less than an hour from looking at the recipe for the first time to eating.
  • You are always able to have a look at next week’s box (contents as well as recipies) and then decide whether you want to extend your order or pause it. We are going to pause for a week now and then order again.

Full price for our box would have been EUR 40,70 (which comes to EUR 6,80 per person per meal, that’s not cheap) but we had a discount code which gave us EUR 15 off (EUR 4,30 pp/ pm. Still not cheap, but acceptable). If you want to try it for yourself, use the code  TZVY6R for a EUR 10 starter discount. This code will also give me discount on my next order – so everyone wins 😉

Do you have any experience with similar food boxes?

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