Aliciouslyvegan: My 5 favourite spices

Spices can turn the most bland dish into …well… something. The support and enhance the taste of our food, will compliment certain ingredients and add character and depth to whatever’s in your pot, pan or oven dish.

At the moment, these are my 5 favourite spices:

  1. Garlic – There is no such thing as too much garlic. I recently came across a recipe for garlic soup (which I’ll soon have to try).
  2. Cinnamon – Warming and comforting, winter, snow, Christmas, mulled wine, Gemütlichkeit.
  3. Chili – Despite having drastically cut down on my chili-intake since I returned from Australia, I will still “spice things up a little” from time to time. In summer I grow them in all shapes in sizes on my balcony, in winter I dry and generously use them in everything from Mexican-inspired dishes to Thai knock-offs to sweet dishes including dark chocolate.
  4. Rosemary – I use rosemary often and a lot. In anything potato, mediterranean dishes as well as drinks. Rosemary not only tastes beautifully, it also grows like a weed. For instance on my balcony.
  5. Cumin – On my avocado. It simply doesn’t taste right without.

Salvia – The most recent addition to my regulars. Great with pumpkin gnocchi as well as in your drinks (hot tea as well as chilled long drink).

Coriander – I will use the leaves for that fresh taste that will always remind me of South-East Asia and the seeds together with garlic, fresh ginger and chili as a base for pumpkin soup and seared Chinese cabbage. Yum!

What spices can you not live without?

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