Aliciouslyvegan: 14 more days with Dr. Bronner

A product so nice I’m using it twice. Twice as long as originally anticipated to be exact. Only, strictly speaking it’s not the same but two very similar products.

After experimenting for the first two weeks of April with how many different uses I could get out of a bar of Dr. Bronner’s neutral pure-castile soap, which claims one can use it for 18 different purposes, I then tried another two weeks with rose-scented pure-castile liquid soap.


I usually prefer liquid everything: from face wash to shower gel to shampoo to the soap I wash my hands with. After getting thoroughly satisfying results from using a bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap for two weeks, I was more than excited to give the liquid version a try.

Dr. Bronner's soap liquid rose

Face wash

The skin on my face had been acting up lately and didn’t improve during the two weeks I used the bar soap. With its liquid sibling, however, it slowly started clearing. While my skin is not yet back to normal it has definitely showed that it prefers liquid soap over soap bar for its evening wash.

Hand & body wash

It cleans you, it smells nice but most of all you will only need a few drops to get the bubbles going (if that’s what you like). In stark contrast to the liquid soaps I normally use, which hardly foam at all, Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap will create a maximum amount of foam with a minimal amount of product.


My hair’s greasiness increased with each use and didn’t get better from the liquid version of Dr. Bronner’s soap. No matter how long I rinsed it with water it still felt like I had left in a conditioner. When I brushed it, there would be residue on the comb. Therefore I switched back to regular shampoo (currently using Alnatura’s olive shampoo) on 20 April. Like I said before, it’s probably ok for dry and/ or curly hair but wasn’t ideal for mine.

Tooth paste

Only if you have to. It’s just too weird to brush your teeth with rose-flavoured soap. I mean, it’s not disgusting but also not utterly pleasant. However, I’ve heard great things about the peppermint-scented version and may actually add this to my little collection for further research.

Stain remover

While re-potting my plants I got soil on my white hat. A single drop of soap with some water got rid of it immediately.

Dr. Bronner's soap - neutral and rose

My conclusion

After 4 weeks of getting as many different uses out of Dr. Bronner’s bar and liquid soap I can definitely recommend it. Both, actually. Even though I will switch back to my tried-and-tested-and-loved products for everyday use at home I will keep the soaps to take on short trips. For a weekend extravaganza, a day-trip to a spa or a multi-day hiking experience where weight is an issue, these products are perfect to cut down on what you will have to lug around.

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