Balcony garden

Aliciouslife: My balcony garden – blooming, growing

My balcony garden is coming along beautifully: Everything is growing, blooming and some plants are already bearing fruit.

Needless to say, I’m excited about each and every leaf that’s sprouting and even more excited about the little strawberries, cucumbers and tomatoes that are already showing.


And this is what my balcony garden currently looks like:

Balcony garden
My strawberries <3
Balcony garden
Balcony garden
Black currant (back) and coriander (front).
Balcony garden
Tomato & dill flowers
Balcony garden
Eggplant, capsicum and lychee tomato
Balcony garden
Another cucumber plant
Balcony garden
Cucumber (a climbing New Zealand variety)
How are your sproutlings doing? Are you expecting a yield this summer or will you be content if everything continues to grow instead of whither and die?

I’d love if you shared pictures of your balcony (or windowsill) garden on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag @Aliciouslog so I can see your photos 🙂


3 thoughts on “Aliciouslife: My balcony garden – blooming, growing”

  1. Beautiful balcony garden, Alice! Everything is looking so green, vibrant and healthy! I’m really jealous. I love your kiwano plant – I have one too and it started to grow it’s way onto the avocado plant – it’s so cute that it uses the avocado plant as a support. Somehow I’m not really happy with my garden this year. I have only a few plants that are really making me proud (raspberry, mint, chilis) but the rest is … not that great. My strawberry plants don’t have any flowers and my garden is looking really sad this year. Maybe it will get better later in summer or I have to try harder next year 🙂

    1. Thank you, Bianca! That’s such a great idea to use your avocado tree as a trellis for your kiwano! Mine is still so small it only needs minor support. Once it grows taller I will have to reconsider though. Of course I left out what I don’t want to talk about: I think I killed my raspberry plant 🙁 Also, my chili plant hasn’t grown much lately and I’m slightly worried regarding my capsicum and eggplants – at the same time last year they were already in bloom!
      Don’t worry too much about your plants – I’m sure some of them will improve as it gets warmer. And those that won’t are going to flourish next year 🙂

      1. Oh no! That’s too bad about your raspberry plant.. maybe it will recover? I’ve lost a few raspberries on the plant because a twig died. But at least I’ve had to harvest one raspberry and another is due today or tomorrow. Oh and the kiwano chose the avocado plant itself.. it was so much fun seeing how they all can benefit from another! 😀

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