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I am forever grateful that when Mr A proposed to me, he didn’t use those words. We were both excited – he for the obvious reasons and myself because he finally asked the question I had been waiting for him to ask for…well, quite some time.  Needless to say, I accepted without any doubt or hesitation.


The realisation of what this means is slowly sinking in: Now we’re engaged, about to get married in 2016.

There are a million things to do before we tie the knot and I’m not only ecstatic that we’re going to promise each other to spend the rest of our respective lives together, but also increasingly excited about planning the event that is a wedding.

Since he went down on his knee in June we’ve already had time to agree on most fundamentals.

We’ve already researched the most crucial service providers: So far we’ve decided on and fixated the location of the reception, spoken with the farmer on whose land we’re planning on getting married, and hired a caterer and a DJ.

We have short-listed our potential photographers…and we have a date:

10 September 2016.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a vegan wedding – the caterer’s first – but I have known her since I can remember and also know her chef. They’re both committed on delivering 110% in quality so I’m not at all worried in this regard.

We’ve set up an email account from which we’re going to send electronic save the dates and a google spreadsheet with numerous tabs where I can go wild building check lists so I feel I have everything under control.

I’ve created a wedding board on Pinterest with things I come across that I want to show to Mr A so we can figure out the decorations.

There are still a million things to wrap our heads around (like what our last name is going to be) and disagree on until we finally find a solution everyone’s happy with. Despite their often being exhausting in tiresome, I’m looking forward to each of these discussions because it means we are spending time with each other talking about things that matter to us while realising they actually don’t matter at all.

I’d marry Mr A in my PJs with greasy hair, no make up and without any pomp nor circumstances as long as we get to spend the rest of our lives together.

Being aware of this, it’s quite entertaining to explain the advantages of this colour or that piece of decoration to someone who actually has an opinion on colours and decoration – and one that often differs quite drastically from mine.

You see – fun times ahead.

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