Aliciouslife: Goodbye 2016

Now that 2016 is almost over I want to look back on it. It has been a spectacular year. Intense, often wonderful, sometimes less so and on the whole I year I will remember.

Come with me as I look back on an eventful 12 months.


After the gluttony that was Christmas and New Year’s I decided to go sugar-free once more. It wasn’t as difficult as anticipated. However, it didn’t bring any changes – positive or negative – to my overall feeling.


Mr A’s grandfather passed away rather unexpectedly only two weeks after his birthday. It broke my heart to see his grieving wife of over 60 years – and to know that Mr A would not have his grandfather present at our wedding.

Late February was mostly spent by foraging for wild garlic and making the most of it on a culinary level.

Wild garlic galore


In March I became more serious in regard to wedding preparations and the more detailed planning (and shopping) stage began.

For my birthday we went to have brunch at Harvest and I ate so much of their delicious food that I literally couldn’t walk upright any more.


I experimented with Dr. Bronner’s soap as a one-stop-shop but finally wasn’t convinced that one product fit all my demands.

I shopped for plants and seedlings at rare plants’ fair and made my balcony garden ready for the upcoming warmth and sunshine.

Dr. Bronner's soap - neutral and rose


I travelled to Colombia to witness my Chicago-friend get married to the love of her life, then travelled some more, hiked a bit and even attempted myself at scuba diving again.

PNN Tayrona Colombia Caribbean

Upon my return Veganmania 2016 was happening and I threw myself right into it.

Pulled Jack burger from Jenonne
Pulled Jack burger from Jenonne


The “Veggerl” Michaela Russmann from Rohgenuss and I had created for Ströck bakery was launched and available for purchase all through summer. This was definitely a new experience for me – seeing something I helped create up for sale, people actually buying it and leaving positive comments about it on Ströck’s Facebook page.

Ströck Veggerl Michaela Russmann Aliciouslog
Michi and I are proudly presenting our “Veggerl”

June was also the month I was invited to more events than the rest of the year combined. And to really cool events too!

We love handmade
Stitching the spine of a book

Mr A handed in his master thesis. Suddenly we had time to spend with each other again <3


We hiked a bit and then some more, enjoying the great mountain weather. My instagram feed of July is filled with mostly colourful fresh fruit (with and without oatmeal).

Gesäuse Ödsteinblick Mödlinger Hütte


In between putting the finishing touches on our wedding preparations – including a beautiful bridal shower my best friend/ maid of honour organised for me – we also fit in the odd hiking trip.

Bridal shower location & view


We got married! Then set off for five days at a spa hotel. I could do this all the time – the attention you’re suddenly showered with, how everybody wants you to be happy and relaxed. It was awesome.


Finally did we get to visit Mr A’s aunt and cousins in far-away Vorarlberg. We delighted in taking the train instead of driving there ourselves and we treated with two wonderful hikes – one in Switzerland and one in Vorarlberg.

Switzerland hiking Appenzell


Mr A and I explored Semmering Bahnwanderweg and realised how utterly underrated it was.

Semmering Bahnwanderweg viaduct


Christmas! We embraced advent in full swing and even gave a little pre-Christmas party, then visited all the others we had been invited to.

Christmas table setting

Christmas itself was very relaxed and family-oriented. Just like every year we celebrated Christmas Eve by ourselves. This year it was Mr A who cooked us a delicious dinner. On Christmas Day we picked up Mr A’s Grandmother and took her to my parents’ place where we all celebrated together – including my Grandmother, my brother and his fiancée and even my uncle and aunt.

We still haven’t decided on any plans for tomorrow.

If you’re curious about what we’re going to do on New Year’s Eve and how we’re going to start into 2017 follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.




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