Aliciouslife: Christmas lights

Oh, the lights. Each year I’m once more excited when the first Christmas lights are put up on Vienna’s shopping streets. Then the markets come up and I’m again mesmerised.

This year I’ve only gotten to visit a few – due to a nasty bout of the flu that’s been keeping me apartment-ridden for the better part of this week – but I’ll see what I can do next week when I’m hopefully up for it again.

Last Sunday I went to Schönbrunn with my parents when they came for a brief visit. Mum and I gazed at what each and every craft stall had to offer while Dad was more interested in the food-and-drink section, which was alright for us since he kept us warm and hydrated. Here are some impressions of what we found there. Unfortunately, many vendors will not allow photos so you’ll have to come see yourself.

Schönbrunn palace with tree

Schönbrunn ornaments stall

Schönbrunn ornaments close up

Schönbrunn glühwein variations

Schönbrunn glühwein stall

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