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As with having my go at vegan, I was also rather very late to discover Blogilates but since mens sana in corpore sano, I figured only cutting out food I thought wasn’t good for me was only half the deal and started the Beginner’s Calendar last February, which Blogilates inventor/ brainiac/ wonderwoman Cassey Ho provides for free on her website.

After the first month I didn’t notice any visible changes in my body – wasn’t more toned or skinnier – but I certainly felt stronger.

So, what is this? – The name gives it away: Blogilates has something to do with pilates, a kind of sports I am not too fond of for having painful memories of my first (couple of attempts). In hindsight, I was probably doing the movements incorrectly (and wasn’t corrected by the instructor), because after each workout I ended up with severe muscle pain – especially in my lower back. It wasn’t the usual sore muscles but real pain and after a few hours of class I gave up.

Blogilates also has to do with blogs: it’s available online and Cassey not only posts videos but also nutrition advice, recipes and she regularly shares more personal stories. On top of that, she runs her own workout wear business – and does regular meet-ups with her fans/ followers. Her manner may be a bit “too much” for some but I find her really inspirational and so full of energy – you can’t just watch her videos, you have to grab a mat and work out with her 🙂

Most weeks since March I’ve reached my goal of fitting in 3 morning workouts: Mon is for abs, Wed for arms/ shoulders/ back and Fri for legs/ butt. To complete this on top of my four daily sun salutations which have become an essential on weekday mornings I have to get up at 5:40am, which sounds pretty tough but is only 20mins earlier than I usually rise.

Blogilates has become a routine and even though I cannot say that I enjoy every workout, I at least don’t mind doing it. And I actually do it. Also, since working out on a regular basis I have been feeling a lot more balanced physically and mentally, making the following 9+ hours sitting at a desk at the office somewhat more bearable.

What kind of workouts are you leaning towards? Have you ever tried Blogilates? What do you think?

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