Balcony garden 2016 - spinach, strawberries, chives

Aliciouslife: My balcony garden – 2016 update

During the hot and dry summer of 2015 my balcony garden had ample time to thrive and throw off fruit. While last year I couldn’t wait to get going and planted the first seeds as soon as February, I wasn’t quite as eager lazy this year and only started playing around in mid-March.

Still, my seedlings haven’t disappointed.

My little nursery is growing strong.

Balcony garden 2016 - eggplant and melothria (mini cucumber)
Eggplant and melothria (mini cucumber)
Balcony garden 2016 - tomatoes
Different heirloom tomatoes

At the annual Rare Plants Fair I spent roughly EUR 50 on (mostly Arche Noah) plantlings and I’ve already repotted them once. Depending on the weather forecast I will decide whether I’ll plant them outside before I leave for Columbia (making it easier for Mr A to take care of them in my absence) or whether it will be wiser to keep them inside (with an increased need for attention on the side of Mr A). *

Rare Plants Fair 2016 haul
Alice went shopping at the Rare Plants Fair and this is what she bought.

Spinach, chives, lettuce and strawberries have already moved out

The rosemary plant soon followed and my avocado and fig trees have been living outside for the past month or so.

While taking care of everything I kept outside during the winter, notably a big container with blackcurrants and coriander along with some parsley and mint and a larger flower pot containing strawberries I noticed that the little stem that grew late last year is developing into a small fig plant.

Obviously, this winter was so warm that it survived!

You can follow my success and failures live on Snapchat now – simply look out for Aliciouslog. I’m also regularly sharing photos on Instagram and Facebook.
Arche Noah haul 2016
I bought all those plants from Arche Noah

*By the time you’re reading this, I will already have decided on this. This is one of the posts I prepared for you to go online while I’m in Columbia, attending a friend’s wedding and then travelling along the Caribbean coast for some awesome hiking and amazing diving opportunities.

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