Vegan Sydney

First things first: Surprisingly enough I had the best falafel sandwich EVER in Sydney. I know my falafel and I’ve had it from Austria (where Levantine food is especially tasty due to many immigrants from that region) to Egypt, from Syria to Turkey – to meet my master at Sabbaba on Hall Street in Bondi.

The pita bread filled to the brim with the most delicious ingredients was indeed so perfectly flavourful that I was too immersed in relishing every single bite to take a photo of it.

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Alicioustravels: Travel Essentials – Solid toiletries and GIVEAWAY

Everyone who has travelled by airplane over the last decade will be aware of the liquid restriction in hand luggage: You may only bring one litre of liquids on board with you, in containers of 100 ml each.

This can be challenging if you’ve jumped on the latest bandwagon of travelling hand-luggage only – or are using low-cost carriers that will charge you for each checked in piece of baggage.

However, there is a simple way out of this: solid toiletries Continue reading Alicioustravels: Travel Essentials – Solid toiletries and GIVEAWAY

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