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Aliciouslife: Balcony garden – How are we coming along?

Since sowing my first seeds for 2015 on the last day of February, a lot has happened in my little nursery: Some seeds have grown into little plants, some have not. Generally, the tomatoes seem sturdier than the rest and so far have been the most successful, while my chili and capsicum varieties have mostly died. Continue reading Aliciouslife: Balcony garden – How are we coming along?

Aliciouslife: My birthday weekend

Last Friday was my birthday and I basically spent the whole weekend celebrating it (which explains why there was no Sunday post last week). In fact, I have yet to meet some of my closest friends so the partying will continue until at least Easter (by which time we’ll already be preparing for Mr A’s birthday). Continue reading Aliciouslife: My birthday weekend

Alicioustravels: The 4 most under-rated capital cities

Whenever you travel you will come across places that are disappointing in the way that they don’t live up to the high expectations you had of them (for myself, such places were Paris or Cinque Terre in Italy). They live off legends created by films or literature and end up being neither unique nor overly special once you visit.

However, you  will also find yourself in locations you had no clear expectations of or places that people tend to voluntarily miss out on their travels because they’ve heard – usually from someone who’s never been – that these places are  dull/ dangerous/ not worth getting off the bus. Suddenly you will  wish you had more time or you are going to completely ruin your travel schedule as you’ll spend a lot more time there than you had planned. Continue reading Alicioustravels: The 4 most under-rated capital cities

Aliciouslyvegan: Wild Garlic

Along with the first flowers telling us that winter is over and, yes, spring is finally here, fresh leaves of wild garlic have been featuring on Instagram for the last week. For a lover of all things garlic like myself this meant that wild garlic had to be found and harvested asap. Because I’m a nice person (yes, that’s fishing for compliments here) I’ll tell you my favourite spots to find it. Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Wild Garlic

Aliciouslyvegan: Dinner at Schillinger

One of the first restaurants I heard vegans rave about was Schillinger in Großmugl, a little village halfway between Vienna and the Czech border.

Since Großmugl is a fair way from the city and only accessible by car, it took me over a year to finally get there myself and form an opinion. As usual, I was overly critical – if everyone says it’s awesome it can’t be really…or can it? Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Dinner at Schillinger

Aliciouslife: My Balcony Garden – First Steps

When Mr A and I had been searching for a new apartment in 2012, we specifically looked for a place with a balcony, because we wanted to be able to sit outside and I also had this romantic idea of trying my luck with a tomato or basil plant.

Fruit and veg you’ve tended to and grown yourself always taste so much better than what you can buy at the supermarket…or the farmers market…or anywhere. There’s nothing better than sitting in the late afternoon sun, picking a tomato straight from the plant and biting into its warm, juicy flesh. This, if nothing else, is luxury. Continue reading Aliciouslife: My Balcony Garden – First Steps