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Aliciouswedding: Our quick yet wonderful “honeydays”

We were fully aware that we would be in serious need of recovery after our wedding. The weeks leading up to this very special event had been strenuous and even the day before it was after 8 pm when I ate for the first time since breakfast – because there simply hadn’t been time for it earlier.

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Alicioustravels: My travel plans for 2015

It’s late April now and finally our travel plans for 2015 are coming together:

  • In late May we are spending four days in Istanbul.
  • In September we are looking into 2 weeks in Portugal (Lisbon, then driving down the coast-ish)
  • In December I will take my then-retired Mum to New York and Boston to celebrate.

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Alicioustravels: Tauplitz

Every year we will at least once find ourselves at Salzkammergut, a beautiful area of lakes surrounded by mountains (think: Sound of Music) close to Salzburg.

This year, we went skiing in Gosau in late March which was fantastic. The snow was great, the weather awesome and there were hardly any other people on the pistes.

Since autumn has proven to be rather mild again this year, we decided to have a last shot at hiking before the winter starts and as we had never been hiking in or around Tauplitz, Tauplitz it was. Continue reading Alicioustravels: Tauplitz