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Aliciouslife: Diets

After my recent rant regarding the current detox craze, there is more in the world of delusions, the mere mention of which gives me physical discomfort:

The word “diet“ – not as in nutrition in general but as in cutting certain things out of your actual diet to achieve certain results – is another things that makes me shake my head in disbelief at people I have otherwise known as smart and reflective. Continue reading Aliciouslife: Diets

Aliciouslife: Detox

Some things really get me off the wrong foot when they appear in my morning Facebook/ Instagram/ email feed. The word “detox“, for instance, always seems to hit exactly that nerve.

Especially now, with all those (often questionable) New Year’s resolutions, People will spend hundreds of euros/ dollars/ pounds on a couple of days worth of juices which all have in common that they are of strange colour and often rather nauseating taste. Oh, and have I mentioned that they are useless too? Continue reading Aliciouslife: Detox