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Aliciouslyvegan: Bliss balls

With the onset of veganism as a more common concept of life over the last couple of years, raw recipes have also made their way into the everyday kitchen. My everyday kitchen at least.

By today, I’m not at all convinced why I should forgo a hot cup of soup, tea or – heaven forbid – coffee, but a year ago I couldn’t imagine myself choosing not to consume anything derived from animals either.

Something I saw on a multitude of blogs were bliss balls Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Bliss balls

Aliciouslife: Pangs of guilt

I should  have – I would have – I could have – I didn’t. Why did I not???

Does this sound familiar to you? So many persons around me regularly dive head-first into a deep pool of guilt – because they work too much and/ or don’t get enough work done, because they don’t spend enough time with their children/ friends/ spouse/ dog or think they should simply be a “better person”. Continue reading Aliciouslife: Pangs of guilt

Aliciouslife: Energy vampires

Who doesn’t know them? That one colleague or friend who is constantly complaining? The one who always responds to a polite “How are you?” with lamentations, is resistant to all offers of help as well as suggestions for improvement and who, like a broken record, goes on about how unfair life is, how terrible person X behaved towards them and how generally everyone seems to be out to get them? Continue reading Aliciouslife: Energy vampires