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Alicioustravels: My travel plans for 2015

It’s late April now and finally our travel plans for 2015 are coming together:

  • In late May we are spending four days in Istanbul.
  • In September we are looking into 2 weeks in Portugal (Lisbon, then driving down the coast-ish)
  • In December I will take my then-retired Mum to New York and Boston to celebrate.

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Alicioustravels: Australia

Before I decided to move to Australia for a year in 2007, I travelled the country quite extensively. I wanted to know the place and its people and get a feeling for it before committing to spending what initially looked like an indefinite amount of time there. Over the course of 3 months I travelled from coast to coast, up and down and right through the centre. I also visited my relatives in Tasmania for the first time (hi there, Mel!).

My route was as follows: Continue reading Alicioustravels: Australia

Alicioustravels: How the bug was planted

I feel very fortunate that travelling has always been a part of my life. When I was as young as 3 years old, my parents would pack me (and a lot of other stuff) into the family car and drive to Northern Italy, where I could play in the sand for a week, get sunburned (which was not such a big issue in the mid-80ies) and lose the upper part of my left thumb when I didn’t listen to Mum (which – if only this time – I really should have). Continue reading Alicioustravels: How the bug was planted

Alicioustravels: Tauplitz

Every year we will at least once find ourselves at Salzkammergut, a beautiful area of lakes surrounded by mountains (think: Sound of Music) close to Salzburg.

This year, we went skiing in Gosau in late March which was fantastic. The snow was great, the weather awesome and there were hardly any other people on the pistes.

Since autumn has proven to be rather mild again this year, we decided to have a last shot at hiking before the winter starts and as we had never been hiking in or around Tauplitz, Tauplitz it was. Continue reading Alicioustravels: Tauplitz

Alicioustravels: Coromandel

On my past trips I’d never made it to the Coromandel Peninsula and since everyone who had been there was raving about it, I made it my chosen destination on our recent journey (everything else I let Mr A pick). There were two places I wanted to visit: Cathedral Cove (a beach best known from the last scene in The Narnia Chronicles: Prince Caspian) and Hot Water Beach, where at low tide you can dig out your spa due to thermal springs underneath the sand. Continue reading Alicioustravels: Coromandel

Alicioustravels: Tongariro Winter Crossing

The Tongariro Crossing had been in my head since we contemplated travelling to New Zealand. I completed what’s allegedly “New Zealand’s finest day walk” on my first trip in 2003 and was mesmerized by the surreal landscape. You walk between two – sometimes more, sometimes less – active volcanoes, pass beautiful lakes, almost accompanied by the smell of sulphur. Continue reading Alicioustravels: Tongariro Winter Crossing