From AlicegoesRTW to AlAlsTravels

How have I not posted it on Facebook or communicated it broadly via Instagram?! This if nothing else proves that I’m not a professional blogger but just someone who likes sharing bits and pieces of her life 😀

What is there to post about?

you may ask.

Which is a very good question.

Also, what exactly does she want to tell us with that headline?


Since I’m not one to beat around the bush I’ll make it quick:

AlicegoesRTW was a year-long trip around the world I took in 2006/2007. Which I loved.

AlAlsTravels is what is going to start tomorrow when my husband and I will embark on a 2-month-trip to Nepal which will mark the official start of our extended leave.

Extended as in up to two years.

What are you going to do in those two years?

Another very good question.

Travel mostly or so we think. We don’t have it all planned out. However, there are lists and shared Google documents and Excel files and shared Dropbox accounts full with places we would like to see and things we would like to do once we get there. We have a set budget and fixed dates when we are expected to be back at our respective jobs in autumn of 2020.

So we do have a bit of time at our hands which we aim to spend wisely (whatever this will turn out to be).

Can we come along?


My German-speaking readers will be able to follow us on our blog We set it up in the most simple way and will post whenever we find time and feel like it.

We also have an Instagram account @alalstravels

…and now that I finally am going to have cool things to share with you I will definitely keep Aliciouslog (primarily here and on IG) running to let you take part in our adventures.

Excited? Well, I am.

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