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Aliciouswedding: Vegan food fit for a wedding

Give me your little finger and I’ll gently tug at your arm.

No, I’m joking. I’ll actually rip it off clean.

A friend of my Mum’s, who owns a bakery, had always said that when I got married she wanted to bake my wedding cake.

Then I turned vegan.

Of course I asked her if she was still interested and when she enthusiastically agreed inquired whether she would be willing to do the catering.

All of it.

She agreed.

Since she only had a notion but no general experience with vegan food it took us a couple of emails, some phone calls and the odd get-together but we realised quickly that we were on the same path.

In the end, the food turned out beautifully and so delicious that many guests actively asked for recipes.

Vegan win!

At reception different crusty breads with a variety of spreads (red beans, onion-based lard) were served along with our reception cocktail. We also had baskets with fresh apples and bowls with nuts.

wedding reception apples nuts

Our – all vegan – dinner menu was as follows:

The couvert consisted of pain paillasse, whipped butter, olive oil, sea salt, coarse pepper and olives.

For starters we had mixed plates of a wrap with avocado-coriander cream, falafel, basil reduction, cole slaw and zucchini filled with hummus and veggie sticks.

I cannot explain how there are no photos of our starters. I assume it was too delicious to take pictures of.

wedding decoration table diy

Then came the soup: my very own pumkin-sweet potato soup.

We had decided on a buffet for mains to allow for variety and seconds (and thirds…). We offered: lasagne with tomato sauce, rosemary polenta with sides of creamy mushrooms and green beans, imam bayildi (a wonderful dish consisting mainly of eggplant, olive oil and garlic; it translates to “the imam fainted”) with almond rice, grilled vegetables and an assortment of salads (Oh She Glows’ Crowd Pleasing Cesar’s Salad, red cabbage salad with tahini dressing and croutons – inspired by Bock auf Backen‘s former café Home Made -, potato salad and beet beans with pumpkin seed oil).

wedding vegan dinner lasagne
Lasagne being cut up and served
wedding vegan dinner imam bayildi
Imam bayildi (“The imam faints”) was the first dish to be obliterated by our hungry guest.

Now, dessert.

We made our beautiful wedding caked the centre piece of our sweet table.

The wedding cake was three-tiered and filled with chocolate cake (middle and bottom layers) and zucchini cake (top layer).

wedding vegan dessert sweet table candy bar wedding cake
Our wedding cake as centrepiece of our sweet table

Around it we arranged tiramisu, lemon cake, bar nuts (made by myself), pink macarons a very good friend made for me, Grandma’s Spitzbuben and Mum’s peach sponge cake – and Twizzlers I’d been keeping since my trip to New York last winter.

wedding vegan dessert sweet table candy bar wedding cake tiramisu

We also offered bride- and groom-cocktails (bride: rose lemonade-based; groom: ginger beer-based) and at midnight we couldn’t believe that people – ourselves included – dug in with appetite when a big, steaming pot of chili sin carne made an appearance.

Needless to say, the food was very well received and we had so many persons asking for recipes that we actually posted them on our wedding website.


Catering: Konditorei Punschkrapferl

*** All photos by the uber-talented and lovely Barbara P. Photography ***



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