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Long after your wedding guest will have forgotten about the music you spent sleepless nights picking, the meticulous balance of colours in your decorations and how your papeterie – from save the date- to thank you-cards fit together – they will still remember one thing about your wedding: the food.When thinking of your wedding they will remember how that little snack just after the ceremony, while you and your hubby were out being photographed, picked them up and how conversations started over crusty bread and fresh juice.

In a similar way, people will still shudder at the thought of the buffet where there simply wasn’t enough food for everyone.
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You certainly don’t want your guests to go hungry

Finding a caterer that fit our requirements seemed easy and straightforward: I asked the person who was going to make our wedding cake if she could imagine to fully cater for our vegan wedding. She has experience in catering and immediately agreed. The first meeting seemed promising but all of a sudden she started to take forever to reply to our emails.

Forever as in weeks

When we met with her a second time 4 months later she still couldn’t give us an approximate quote. We finally received it a few weeks later. After giving her a clear deadline when we would expect it.

At Trau Dich wedding fair in January we also approached other caterers, mostly to get a feeling what it would cost to hire an above caterer from Vienna. We are still in contact with one and are now seriously considering switching. They are as professional as I would expect it and obviously interested in the job. They will reply to emails and were immediately able to give us a pretty comprehensive quote on the costs and services to be expected.
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Both quotes ended up being almost identical to the cent!

This leaves us in a difficult situation:

Do we want to stick with the original caterer who will give us free hand in choosing *everything* – from how we want the bread cut to probably what kinds of potatoes we’d like to have in our salad? We would have 100% freedom but would need to be more involved – and patient – than anticipated.

We (read: I) have a pretty clear idea of not only what I would like to have served but also of how I would like the food to be presented and being the organisational freak that I am like feeling in control of things so having to be involved is not all bad for me.

Or should we go with the other caterer who will not require much attention at all but will still provide us and our guest with a great meal and professional service? Where not every detail may end up like it did on my pinterest board on wedding food but where everything will definitely be flawless and the process relaxed for us.
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How did you manage to decide for a caterer? What was most important to you when taking that decision? I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences!


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