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Aliciouswedding: Aperitiv and bride & groom cocktails (alcohol-free)

The fact that we were going to have a vegan wedding went down well with most of our guests. Most of them had assumed as much.

The fact that we were going to have a vegan, alcohol-free wedding, however, left many a mouths agape in horror.

Why, oh why?

Given that Mr A doesn’t drink any alcohol at all and I only drink in company and didn’t want to be drunk at my own wedding nor having to watch my drink, it was only logical for us.

Just like with the food, we still wanted our guests to enjoy themselves, to have a good time sans alcohol (as crazy as this sounds), cold drinks in hand.

wedding happy bride drink
Deliriously happy – sans alcohol


I searched the web looking for something fancy without the schmancy, drinks that would taste summery and light while being easy to prepare and ideally nice to look at.

In the end I decided to try my own hand at mixing and came up with these three drinks:

  • Blackberry-lime punch – aperitif (recipe below)
  • Dream dancer (Traumtänzerin) – bride’s cocktail
  • Sumitteer (Gipfelstürmer) – groom’s cocktail

Blackberry lime punch
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  1. 500g blackberries (our were from our neighbour's garden and the adjacent forest)
  2. 6 organic limes
  3. 1.5l ginger ale
  4. 1l sparkling water
  5. Fresh mint
  1. The day before soak the blackberries with the juice of two limes in the ginger ale.
  2. Just before serving add the sparkling water.
  3. Wash the mint and pluck off the leaves.
  4. Cut the remaining limes into thin wedges or slices and put them into wine glasses together with a few mint leaves.
  5. Add ice if you like.
  6. Fill the glasses with the punch and serve.
These – along with a well thought-out assortment of other beverages – kept our guest happy, hydrated and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

Who would have thought?


If you’re interested in the recipes of our bride’s and groom’s cocktails also let me know and I’ll share them in a separate post.


*** All photos by the uber-talented and lovely Barbara P. Photography ***



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