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With Sunday’s post I’ve welcomed you on my journey to getting married. Since you are looking forward on a plethora of post with the word “wedding” somewhere ubiquitously embedded, I have decided to start Aliciouslog’s first series: All About Weddings.By way of this series you will be able to accompany me on my way from Ms Filz to Mrs We-haven’t-quite-decided-yet and learn with me what all is necessary to have a beautiful, fun and of course vegan wedding with your (totally-not-vegan) friends and family.

Today, I’m starting by sharing with you awesome weddings I have come across during my ongoing browsing the web for ideas on how to decorate. Believe me, there is a lot of idea-collecting going on at the moment.

These ideas I’ll show to Mr who is subsequently going to express his like or dislike. In the latter case there may ensue a discussion of some sorts (if I actually liked the idea). My arguments will be increasingly vehement the more I liked the idea.

Over the last few weeks I have come across a whole lot of amazing weddings.

Some that are similar to how I imagine it for us, like this beautiful outdoor ceremony with barn reception featured on Rock my Wedding.

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This vintage circus wedding looks like a lot of fun, also this stylish Washington loft wedding (both on Green Wedding Shoes).

They are definitely not what we have in mind (for a lot of reasons) but nonetheless look as if both couple and guests really enjoyed their time.

This absolutely stunning wedding of Viennese blogger Victoria from Victorypug (who is currently based in NYC) took place in Vienna and the photographer Thomas Steibl is actually one of Mr A and mine absolute favourites for our own wedding.

He also took the photos on this fat vegan wedding of another blogger, Maria from A Cherry on Top, that also took place in Vienna.

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Some weddings were planned with so much eye for detail that I’m most deeply impressed by how much work may be put into a single day. This Harry Potter Themed wedding, for example.

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Of course I have also been to truly wonderful weddings that don’t appear on any website.

Some of my friends really made an effort to celebrate the day they said “I do” with their guests and Mr A and myself had a great time until the lights went out.

Having been inspired by so many awesome weddings, my “For when the day will come”-Pinterest board is ever growing and finally somewhat going into one direction (rustic vintage).

Stay tuned for more!

Have you been to any weddings that blew you mind – whether as an actual guest or a visitor online? I’d love if you shared it! Also, if you come across any wedding you think is amazing, make sure I hear of it!


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