Alicioustravels: Portugal unplanned

On Saturday Mr A and I set off on our long-awaited holiday in Portugal and for the first time ever we didn’t really have a plan.

We had flights booked as well as accommodation for our first few nights in Lisbon and also a rental car. We knew that we would want to walk along a beach and visit the faro at Cabo de Sao Vincente โ€“ but that was pretty much it!

Coming from someone who usually starts planning WAY in advance (read: often before flights are confirmed) , not having even so much as a proper packing list (enter gasp of horror here) is almost unbelieveable!

We’ve looked at our trusted Lonely Planet guidebook and highlighted a few things to see and do (along with places to eat) in Lisbon, which will keep us busy for the three days of our stay. Apart from that we only have vague ideas.

Thankfully, Dad went to Portugal a few months ago.

He cycled from Lisbon to Malaga – donโ€™t ask – and sent us photos along with short descriptions of his favourite places, some of which look terribly appealing to us. So at least we have a few points of interest to add to our itinerary.

Portugal Milfontes
Photo by Alice’s Dad

The main reason for not being prepared the way we usually like to be is that I think we are both too tired to travel intensively right now. We just need a holiday.

Weโ€™ve decided to find only a couple of places to stay and then take day-trips from there (easy with a car) instead of changing accommodation every other day.

We are both adamant to take it slowly.

After our immensely intriguing yet also rather exhausting trip to New Zealand last year, a great, sight-seeing filled city trip to Istanbul and the gorgeous week of hiking in Tyrol we need to slow down a bit and allow ourselves to relax.

Portugal beach Santo Andre
Beach at Santo Andre
Photo by Alice’s Dad

The way I see myself in this holiday is easily summed up in: beach, toes in sand, glass of red wine in my hand, plate with olives and white bread on my knee, Mr A by my side โ€“ or somewhere around taking photos.

Being 3-something days into our 2-week-trip by today you will have seen or progress on the relaxing front on Instagram and Facebook.

How was your latest holiday? Share some impressions on Instagram, tagging @Aliciouslog so I can see your photos.

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