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At some point I must have mentioned to Mum that once she retired I’d take her to New York. Only recently she remembered it and since she’ll retire with the end of the school year, we started discussing vague travel plans. And: We’re going to travel to New York City together!!!

She’s now the proud owner of a guidebook and a plethora of NYC-themed trinkets and finally decided she wanted to see the “City that never sleeps” in December, to take in the pre-Christmas madness that is going to happen.

Being a planner and knowing how expensive hotel rooms are, I signed up for airbnb and immediately started looking into flights to get us there easily and without affecting our holiday budget too much. After all, there are more fun ways to spend money than airfare and accommodation.

I already spoke to my boss to have my holiday approved and now all we need to do is buy tickets, get us a room and an ESTA visa and make our way to the airport. Oh yes, and pack of course.

New York City - Empire State Building
New York City – Empire State Building

By now, the whole family has become involved in our trip: Dad has offered to pay for our accommodation and my brother will be the proud sponsor of a few activities I’ve decided Mum should get involved in, such as looking over NYC from Top of the Rocks, buying coffee and a bagel from a coffee cart and ice-skating on Wollman Rink. Needless to say I’m looking forward to joining her in each of these activities and quite a few more.

New York City - Statue of Liberty
New York City – Statue of Liberty

Other things I have in mind for us are a visit to the Guggenheim Museum, drinks in a rooftop bar, long walks (through Central Park, across Brooklyn Bridge, along the high line…) and a good dose of (window) shopping . While I have been to New York City twice before (once in July, once in December) it will be Mum’s first visit to the US. This, my dear readers, is WILDLY EXCITING for both of us. Also, so far mother-daughter holidays have always been great fun: Besides being just great, Mum is as fit as can be, loves a good hike

New York City - Brooklyn Bridge
New York City – Brooklyn Bridge

The way things are looking, I may plan as much as I choose (her words) and we are then going to adjust according to our moods and the weather. A win-win situation J

Of course I will keep you posted on our progress as soon as the departure date comes closer.

New York City - Chrysler Building
New York City – Chrysler Building


Have you ever been to New York City? Did you like it or not? Do you have any insider knowledge of places to go to or to avoid? Please share your wisdom in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Alicioustravels: New York City”

  1. Sounds great, Alice! I was in New York with my parents & my boyfriend a few years ago and I wasn’t vegan at this time yet. So my only regret now is not having been to Dun-Well Doughnuts! I loved grabbing some snacks and eating them in the central park, this is one of my favorite moments from the trip. Have fun! I’m sure it’s going to be great 🙂

  2. A combination of NYC and Chicago might be worth looking into. I heard Chicago is a beautiful city (much more beautiful than NYC – and it has the largest Christkindl Market outside of Europe) and accommodation is really cheap in Chicago 😉 xoxo

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