Alicioustravels: My 5 most magnificent sunrises and sunsets

Just like many others I love a good sunset to end a day. There is, however, nothing that beats the purity and sanctity of a sunrise. Both can be spectacular and I have experienced a few that were truly special. Here are my favourites:

Sunrise from the top of Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia

The sun rose from the water and illuminated the fine web of clouds spun across the harbor, the Opera House, and our excited faces. As you’re not allowed to bring cameras with you on the climb, you’ll have to take my word for it and use your imagination. Or, even better, see for yourself.

Sunrise on Poon Hill, Nepal

You wake up way too early and tramp up the hill in pitch black darkness. All you see are the lights of other people’s torches. Given you’re well above 3,000m, walking soon become arduous. When the rising sun bathed first the Eastern wall of Dhaulagiri and subsequently the Annapurnas and  Macchapuchre (“Fishtail Mountain”) in bright orange light, all exhaustion falls off, you forget the crowds around you and feel so very much alive.

Macchapuchre just before sunrise from Pool Hill

Dhaulagiri from Poon Hill

Sunrise and Macchapuchre ("Fishtail Mountain") from Poon Hill

Sunset at Mount Manganui, New Zealand

As if the sky was on fire (these are also scanned copies of analogue pictures).

Mount Manganui sunset

Mount Manganui sunset

Solitary sunsets on Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

You know the horizon continues forever.



Many a sunset and a few (winter) sunrises from my office window

Lately, they’ve been especially spectacular.

Winter sunrise from IZD

Winter sunset from IZD

Winter sunset from IZD

Winter sunset from IZD

Are you more of a sunrise or a sunset person? Any that come to your mind right away?

2 thoughts on “Alicioustravels: My 5 most magnificent sunrises and sunsets”

  1. Amazing pictures! I love both – sunrises and sunsets. And I can instantly think of many that took my breath away. I guess Bondi Beach is one of my favourite places to watch both. Sunrises are generally a bit more peaceful because there aren’t as many people to whitness the magic as there are in the evening. Somewhere in the Nullarbor Plains was pure awesomeness too. Oh, and Carmila Beach in Queensland. I am really impressed by all the dream places that you’ve already visited. Very well done, Alice 🙂

    1. Thank you for your lovely message, Sarah! I could name many other places but I felt like I had to restrict myself to five on this one. Otherwise I would have gotten carried away. I’m sure Bondi is a wonderful place to watch both. Not that I’ve ever been but people tell me it’s very special.

      When I travelled the East Coast of Australia by bus I would witness many a beautiful sunrise (because I couldn’t sleep on the night busses), also when I took the train across the Nullarbor. Despite the crowds, sunrise and sunset were spectacular around the temples of Siem Reap – watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat – with the sun rising behind the main temple – is the classic and well worth a visit. For a few magical seconds you won’t notice the hundreds of people around you. Sunsets in Thailand as well as Perth were especially beautiful too, as were the stereotypcial sunsets on Santorini. Still haven’t managed to spend a night on a beach and watch the sunrise the next morning. It’s on my list though 😉

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