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Aliciouslyvegan: Gasthaus Zum Wohl *sponsored*

How often I had passed Zum Wohl Gasthaus on my way to and from Maran Vegan vegan supermarket I cannot say. It was one of those places that were so close to where we live that I figured I could go there any time – and so never did.

Until just recently.

When I received an invitation for a dinner for two I didn’t hesitate and started scanning the menu for vegan fare straight away.

zum wohl Gasthaus bar

Zum Wohl restaurant is a traditional Austrian restaurant with a twist

It’s 100% gluten and lactose free and also offers a handful of vegan dishes. This makes it perfect for people with food-related intolerances or those wishing to lessen their impact on the planet such as myself.

The interior is cosy and invites to linger. It looks gently aged and very clean – like any Gasthaus sans the decades of smoke clouding the view and staining the walls. Like a Gasthaus where I’d actually enjoy sitting around, eating, drinking, being merry.

Mr A and I ordered a few different dishes and everything we had was delicious and what I can only describe as unpretentious. There is nothing on the plate that cannot be eaten. No unnecessary decoration – simply food, beautifully presented.

And it tastes great

zu wohl Gasthaus scarlet runner beans salad with potatoes and lamb's lettuce vegan

For starters I had the  scarlet runner beans potato salad with lamb’s lettuce, roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil which was pretty much perfect.

zu wohl Gasthaus spinach dumplings with tomato ragú and sage veganThe spinach dumplings with tomato ragú and sage tasted fresh with the flavour of the sage not being overwhelming but just herb-y enough and the pancake with apricot jam I had for dessert finished the meal in a way that left no want for more.zu wohl Gasthaus pancake with apricot jam vegan

I was positively sated

Mr A opted for vegetarian and was served a huge plate of spaetzle with egg he sadly only managed to finished about two thirds of. He especially loved the fact they serve ginger beer and very much enjoyed his Spicy Hubsi, a non-alcoholic drink with ginger beer, cucumber, pepper and juniper.

zu wohl Gasthaus Spicy Hubsi ginger beer mocktail
I only read today that mocktails are *the* thing 2016

We were positively impressed with the service.

Only two persons served the whole restaurant that was rapidly filling up (despite it being a weekday night) without seeming to be in a rush. There were friendly words for each table and they seemed especially attentive and conscious that everyone enjoyed his or her meal.

Before dessert we had already decided that this would not have been our last visit at Zum Wohl restaurant. There were too many dishes on the menu left to try – and the gluten free homemade beer!


Gasthaus Zum Wohl

Stumpergasse 61
1060 Wien
Tel:  +43 1 595 3166

Mon – Fri 10:30am – 11:00pm
Sat, Sun, holidays 9:00am – 11:00pm

Have you been to Zum Wohl restaurant? What was your impression? Did you have as relaxed a time as we did?


A big thank you to Gasthaus Zum Wohl for having us as their guests and for the thoroughly positive experience we had with you.

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2 thoughts on “Aliciouslyvegan: Gasthaus Zum Wohl *sponsored*”

  1. Ohhh! It’s so nice to read about your experience there because I’ve been seeing the restaurant on my way to the Vegan Maran as well and was wondering if they had anything vegan. The food looks really good and I’m so impressed by the mocktail with ginger beer! I LOVE ginger beer 😀 I’ve read about mocktails being *THE* thing in 2016 as well in “Frisch gekocht”

    1. Yes, we’re definitely hitting a spot without mocktail-wedding. May be a sore spot for some of our guests but our wedding – our rules and since the groom doesn’t drink and the bride doesn’t want to end up drunk at her own wedding, going alcohol-free totally makes sense for us.

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