Aliciouslyvegan: Veganuary

In line with other month-long pledges such as Movember,
Ocsober/ Frocktober and the like, 2015 started out with
Veganuary, a pledge to live vegan for the first month of the year.

This wonderful challenge is currently in its 3rd year, with its aim to inform non-(or not yet-) vegans about how easy it is to cut meat, egg, dairy and honey from your diet and how much good it will do to you as well as the environment.

Without any finger-pointing at meat-eaters, Veganuary is backed by a wide range of vegans from all walks of life – from celebrities to politicians, from athletes to regular persons like you and me – explaining what prompted them choose this lifestyle.

The website includes a wide array of recipes (by cuisine) and also offers a guide for eating out (Which dishes are already vegan? Which can be easily veganised?). By this, it already takes away two arguments vegans get to hear regularly (What can you eat? and But, you can’t eat out anymore now, can you?).

In the section Products you will find vegan items to buy in any supermarket – beyond tofu and the obvious fruit and vegetables:  From bakery goods to soft drinks, from nail polish to dried raisins and soap.

You will be amazed at how many of the things in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards are already accidentally vegan!


What has been keeping you from giving a plant-based diet a try?
Why not now?


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2 thoughts on “Aliciouslyvegan: Veganuary”

    1. Hey, danke! Freu mich sehr, dass du vorbeischaust 🙂
      Echt? Dein Design? Nicht schlecht! Gibt’s die in Österreich irgendwo? Bei Veganz oder Maran hab ich sie nicht gesehen…
      Ich finde ja, Veganuary sollte noch VIIIEL größer werden und wesentlich mehr (in Österreich: irgendeine) Presse bekommen. Ich bin schon auf das nächste Jahr gespannt und bin sicher wieder dabei. Was ist mit dir?

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