Moo Shoes, New York City

Aliciouslyvegan: Vegan shopping in New York

When prepping for New York did I not only buy tickets for the crown of the statue of liberty, researched sunset times for the best view from Top of the rocks and created a new trip on Happy Cow app. For the first time I also browsed the net for the odd place to shop fair and vegan.I’ve long realised that I cannot eat vegan food but continue to buy clothing that was made by children and/ or persons working under appalling and health-(sometimes life-)threatening conditions. For the past year or so, my solution was to simply not buy more than necessary, which turned out really good for my savings account. 

Every now and then I still like to treat myself to something pretty and I thought a holiday with Mum would be the perfect excuse to do just that.

Well, not only when it comes to food are the possibilites nigh limitless, this also applies to clothing and cosmetics. Of all the names and locations I jotted down during my planning phase, I ended up at these places – each of them awesome in their own way, each of them with lovely staff to chat with. And the optional store cat or dog thrown in for good measure and a cuddle.


78 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

MooShoes was the first shop that made it on my list. In capital letters. With exclamation marks. And I don’t even like shoe shopping. However, I wasn’t going to miss the chance of shopping – or at least browsing – at an all-vegan shoe store.

Moo Shoes, New York City

Moo Shoes, New York City
Racks and racks full of vegan shoes <3

Turned out they not only sell shoes but also Matt and Nat bags which I’ve been eyeing for the better part of 2015.

There we go.

Long story short, I bought two pairs – one pair of Birkenstock-like sandals and a rather stylish pari of black booties with a cutout. AAAAND Mum bought me the perfect Matt and Nat bag as a Christmas present.

Between trying on shoes, falling for them and deciding to actually buy them, Mum and I walked around the block. In search for coffee, then in search of a public (or “public” bathroom and suddenly we came across another storefront that made me stop in my tracks.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics


Never have I decided so swiftly on coloured lip products, after only a few minutes I walked out with two lip tars in a pink, respectively a lilac shade. The stick to your lips without drying them out and the clours are just what I had been looking for.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, New York City

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, New York City

While browsing the Christmas market at Union Square Park I came across a stall run by the ethereal Avigail Adam who makes the most intricate bracelets, head bands, hair combs and rings. We started talking and she told me she had actually made each of her pieces personally, by hand. She also had a small sign in her stall that read “Wearing fur is cruel. Be kind. Don’t wear fur.”

I sensed I was in good company.

Avigail Adam
Head bands and bracelets
Avigail Adam
Aren’t those bracelets beautiful?

How amazing are her pieces?!

I could not resist – and also had to support the good cause – and bought my first piece of wedding jewellery from her.

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