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Aliciouslyvegan: Vegan Chicago

The other week marked the one-year anniversary of my last visit to Chicago, a city I try to regularly visit since a close friend lives there (meaning I don’t have to spend on accommodation and can do a whole lot of shopping instead).

While I was a happy meat eater the first time I went in October of 2012, when I returned in late April 2014 I had already moved to the vegan side, interested what I would find to eat.

As always I first consulted Happy Cow app, then searched online.

There I found a whole heap of places, reflecting the wide array of cuisines that Chicago can offer.

Breakfast of cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter and jam and fruits
My everyday breakfast at my friend’s place: toasted cinnamon-raisin bagel with peanut butter and strawberry jam, fresh fruit and a coffee.

Since my friend is allergic to soy we had to choose wisely when eating out together to make sure she survived the meal and there was some food for me as well, but this fortunately worked out (she’s still alive, I didn’t starve). Also, we home cooked a few times. Whenever I was by myself I would go to all the places that were soy-laden and dug in with both hands.

Salad bowl at Lyfe Kitchen
Salad bowl at Lyfe Kitchen

On my first day I had a Jamba Juice, then sat in the sun along the Chicago River with a quinoa bowl from Protein Bar.

Jamba juice
Jamba juice: before and after

On another day I took the bus to Wrigley Field and walked all the way back to downtown, detouring for a filling lunch of soup, Reuben sandwich and dessert at the famous Chicago Diner.

Reuben sandwich at The Chicago Diner
The famous Reuben sandwich at The Chicago Diner

It not only provides tasty meals but the venue itself looks like my perfect idea of an American diner.

I loved it!

2014_04_bis_05_Chicago (17)
Looks like a still from a Hollywood film, doesn’t it?

We also ate at Native Foods Café and may have stopped for a burrito or burrito bowl at Chipotle more than once.

Native Foods Cafe = vegan heaven
Vegan heaven at Native Foods Cafe: tofu stir fry with kale, sweet potato fries, pink lemonade and a side salad <3
Chipotle burrito bowl with sofritas
Chipotle burrito bowl with sofritas – and Coronas.
Chipotle burritos for the win!
Chipotle burritos for the win!

Chicago definitely is a good place for vegans.

Have you been to Chicago? What was your favourite place to eat? I’d love for you to share it so I can bookmark it for my next visit, hopefully 2016.

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