Christmas vegan polenta brussels sprouts mushrooms spinach table setting

Aliciouslyvegan: Our Christmas Eve dinner

With advent being my favourite time of the year (despite all of its glory happening in the cold season – on this hemisphere at least) I always get excited by the prospect of Christmas. In Austria, Christmas is traditionally celebrated on Christmas Eve when the family gathers around a tree before sharing a special meal.While “special” doesn’t necessary equal “fancy” – in some parts of Austria frankfurt sausages and potatoes are the typical meal on Christmas Eve – I usually aim at least for something out of the ordinary.

Christmas table setting

Mr A and I have been celebrating Christmas Eve by ourselves for the last couple of years before embarking on a joint tour of our relatives on Christmas Day.

We will sleep in, then have breakfast together. Since the weather has been sunny and actually quite warm for the last couple of years, I then embarked on a stroll through town, taking in the atmosphere of hectic last-minute-shoppers and sipping gluhwein in the sun.

With plenty of time left for preparing our special dinner I will return home and head straight for the kitchen where I will not be disturbed (!!!) until the table is laid, I’m showered and everything is ready to be eaten.

Christmas vegan polenta brussels sprouts mushrooms spinach table setting

What do vegans eat at Christmas?

Last year, this was what I prepared for us:

Christmas vegan polenta brussels sprouts mushrooms spinach
(I used cookie cutters for the tree and the star)

So delicious!

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