Aliciouslyvegan: Office food

Since the restaurant at IZD-Tower doesn’t offer any vegan meals other than salads and even the snack bar hasn’t positively responded to my email asking whether they would like to include one plant-based wrap (I suggested a hummus-falafel option) I usually bring my own lunch to work.

Lately, I’ve also started to eat breakfast at work again because I haven’t been overly hungry at 6:45am – but starving two hours later, regardless whether I had forced myself to sit down with muesli at home or not.

In the cupboard next to my desk I store the following fundamentals: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, muesli (just oats, grains and raisins), seeds, nuts, peanut butter and a couple of trail bars as well as cumin, black pepper and provencal herbs. Work does provide fruit twice a week which is great (apples, bananas and usually also something seasonal – right now there are clementines), however, I usually bring some extra, such as kiwi fruit, grapefruit or berries.

For breakfast I’ll soak muesli with hot water and cut up fruit to add just before I eat the muesli. This usually keeps me going until lunch. If not, I’ll have a banana or clementine.

For lunch, I’ll often bring leftover dinner which I’ll reheat in the microwave. During the colder seasons, this will be anything pasta/ rice/ couscous/ quinoa with vegetables or soup (such as my much-loved pumpkin soup). In summer, I’ll bring mixed salads (the ingredients to cut/ prepare at work), sandwiches or wraps or just a bunch of vegetables to cut up and eat with hummus.

When I’m feeling crazy (or lazy) I always find someone who wants to order spicy Indian food from Thali with me (the mixed veg Punjabi will be prepared vegan on request).

There is also an Asian takeaway place in the courtyard that does vegetables with rice and tofu (unfortunately, the noodles allegedly contain eggs) and a sushi place on the other side of the street (lovely food, terribly unfriendly waiters).

As you can see, I’ll never go hungry unless I choose to.

What is your favourite food to bring to the office?

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