Aliciouslyvegan: Mr A’s vegan birthday party

These are the reasons there wasn’t a Sunday post as usual: Mr A celebrated his birthday with a brunch party that happened to take place mostly on our balcony due to the absolutely gorgeous spring day. As requested by him (could I be any prouder? I could not), all dishes were vegan.

I spent the evening before as well as the whole of Sunday morning in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and enjoying every minute of it. Every couple of minutes the timer on my phone reminded me to check on this dough, stir that pot and now add ingredient such-and-such to this concoction.

By 12 noon the buffet was laden with

  • rosemary focaccia
  • chili sin carne
  • hummus
  • vegetable sticks (celery, carrot and capsicum)
  • cardamom-cinnamon bullar
  • little orange bundt cakes
  • orange muffins with almond slivers and oats
  • plain orange muffins
  • pasta salad
  • chick pea salad
  • Turkish bread (bought from bakery GΓΌl)

A thoughtful friend of Mr A’s also brought vegan marzipan-filled filo-pillows, which were delicious.

Soon everyone was standing or sitting on the balcony, happily eating and drinking, enjoying themselves, the sunshine and life in general.

Here are some photos of Mr A’s all-vegan birthday party to whet your appetite:

Focaccia fresh out of the oven
Focaccia fresh out of the oven
Little vegan orange bundt cakes
Little vegan orange bundt cakes
Cardamom-cinnamon bullar
Cardamom-cinnamon bullar
Homemade hummus
Homemade hummus
Vegan pasta salad
Vegan pasta salad
Vegan chickpea salad
Vegan chickpea salad

7 thoughts on “Aliciouslyvegan: Mr A’s vegan birthday party”

  1. Superb Alice.. everything looks so yum πŸ™‚
    And Many Many Happy Returns of the day Alfred.
    Please pass on my message to him.

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